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Generally speaking, the primary objective of trade show participation is to SECURE SALES LEADS. In a trade show booth, you can meet your prospects and customers face-to-face at a cost much lower than that of an individual sales call. In addition, at trade shows you'll meet decision makers that you never knew about.

But the big trick is to find a way to get potential prospects to stop at your booth long enough to hear your product story and, even more importantly to get the "live ones" in conversation with your salesman.

At trade shows, Richard uses a 3-step approach that achieves these goals for you:
  • By the use of a formal product presentation, he attracts people to your booth
  • Then, he informs them about the features of your products or services in great detail. To reinforce the key points, he uses carefully selected magical effects as visual aids. The viewer will remember the startling magical illustrations and, by association, will also remember the important points that you wish emphasized. In effect, he's using a sophisticated "Sesame Street" approach for adults. These product presentations are dignified, accurate and informative... and entertaining as well. But the entertainment aspect is merely a means to an end. The main concern is to get your sales message across in such a way that the most important points about your product will be remembered.
  • Richard then ensures contact between your representatives and the informed, interested prospects by having your salesman hand out an inexpensively-produced, custom-design magic trick. In the action of handing the trick to the prospect, your salesman and the prospect are almost shaking hands. This gives your salesman an excellent opportunity to start a conversation.