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Two Superb School Assembly Programs

An Exciting Blend of Education & Entertainment

1-1/2 CENTURIES OF MYSTERY -- 1845-2000

Magic is the oldest of the performing arts, dating back to the royal command performances of Dedi in Egypt in 1700 B.C. The careers of many of the world's most famous magicians are brought to life through posters used by many greats of the past and live performances of entertaining mysteries as the Gustafsons tell the romantic story of this popular art.

Learn about:

- Robert-Houdin, the father of modern magic
- Harry Kellar, the early King of American Magic
- Thurston and his Wonder Show of the Universe
- Chung Ling Soo and his oriental mysteries
- Houdini, The King of Handcuffs
- Blackstone & Dante, superb illusionists
- Today's top magicians

Richard and Joanne will illustrate the evolution of magical entertainment from 1845 to the present day. This fun-filled program contains tricks and illusions that were made famous by these masters of the pat, including "Cutting a Lady in Half" (using a teacher) and "The Floating Lady" (using a student).


Richard Gustafson, Ph. D., a research chemist who has published more than 30 technical papers and patents, combines his scientific knowledge with magical effects as he describes the developement of plastics, synthetic fibers, paints, and detergents in an informative and entertaining way.

The dedication that accompanies a scientist's efforts to improve our quality of life and, simultaneously, protect our environment, is emphasized. This program is an ideal blend of education and fun.